Meallogger Food Diary

Meallogger™ Food Diary Tool

A variety of programs from a two-week kick start to a three month coaching package will revolutionize your nutrition choices leading to being well. NutriWell Coaching & Yoga utilizes the Meallogger™ food diary tool that provides real-time feedback on your food choices.

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What is Mealloger?

MealLogger is a revolutionary mobile photo food journal that allows you to keep a complete diary of what you eat in text and pictures — no more pen and paper! MealLogger technology can also connect you directly with your specialist for interactive, two-way communication over mobile to help you achieve your nutrition and fitness goals.

Keeping a food journal has been proven to be an extremely powerful predictor of weight loss. Studies have shown the simple act of adding a food diary to your daily life can lead to an average weight loss of more than 10% over the course of a year, as well as having the ability to more than double the average weight lost by those on a diet. Studies have also shown that photographic food diaries are more effective than written diaries in helping people reach their nutrition goals by increasing accuracy, awareness, and accountability. We at MealLogger have greatly simplified the process by harnessing the power of photographic food journaling in an easy-to-use mobile app.

Creating your photo food journal with MealLogger is uncomplicated and completely free. Simply take a picture of everything you eat with your phone, adding a title and description if desired. MealLogger also allows you to track exercise activity as well as record weight and other biometrics, such as sleep and pedometer step counts.