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Weight Loss …Guideline of Balanced Nutrition

Guideline of Balanced Nutrition is among the most popular approaches to weight loss. We’ve helped thousands of people reach their desired weight loss goals and maintain a healthy physique without the “on and off” diet. With our non-diet approach, you don’t have to deprive yourself of your favorite food just to keep those unwanted fats at bay.

Guideline of Balanced Nutrition offers realistic and holistic solutions when it comes to weight loss in Arizona. Our weight loss management in Johns Creek, GA includes proper exercise and physical stress management.

Our team works to provide direction and bring you a step closer to the healthy body you want. This is what our clients have to say soon after receiving our services AND years later:

  • I feel comfortable in my own skin!
  • I can walk up several flights of stairs without being winded!
  • I’m a great role model for my kids/grandkids.
  • I have energy to burn!
  • I enjoy being active and look forward to it.
  • I enjoy my meals, I didn’t realize how good healthy tastes.

Learn more about our weight loss and management programs today. Browse other pages on this website for more information on our health and wellness approach. Contact us for your questions on our services. Our friendly staff will be happy to help you out.

Personalized Plans for Weight Loss Success

Each Participant Receives Personalized Weight Loss Plans for Success that Include:

  • MedGem: resting metabolic test to provide each person with personalize energy/calorie recommendations to optimize weight loss
  • Weight and body composition (muscles/bones/organs and fat) utilizing the Tanita Scales
  • A Wellness Vision incorporating individual wellness map
  • Meal guidance to match individuals weight loss goals
  • Activity & exercise plan in line with fitness, interest, and dreams
  • Meallogger
  • Meal replacements if desired- meal/protein shakes & bars, and/or fresh prepared meals through Good Measure Meals

Unique Weight Loss Program

Guideline of Balanced Nutrition is the LAST “Diet” You Will Follow!
This unique weight loss program offers a variety of healthy eating options to fit each individual’s goals, taste preferences, and lifestyle. At Guideline of Balanced Nutrition we consider this a premiere Health Managemenand Weight Loss program versus a standard weight loss program. You start with an individual appointment developing a personalized plan that is both doable and sustainable. We also offer a 2-week Quick Start weight loss plan for individuals who “can’t wait” to see the scale move yesterday!

The individual appointments are followed by 12 weeks of group meetings and discussions on a wide variety of  topics such as:

  • Mindful & healthy eating
  • Increasing physical activity and recreation options
  • Improved body image and self-esteem
  • Eating healthy and dining out
  • Healthy and tasty cooking
  • Keeping your motivations going strong
  • Addressing emotional eating
  • Setting up your environment for success
  • …and much more

Non-Diet Program!

Guideline of Balanced Nutrition …a Non-Diet Program!
Guideline of Balanced Nutrition is an evidence-based, “Non-diet” program designed to manage weight and health throughout the life-cycle.   With direction from you (our client), your Guideline of Balanced Nutrition  counselor helps you define and build a a strong foundation to make sound healthy life choices. Additionally, we show you how to build positive support systems for sustained weight loss and management.

This program is ideal for anyone from the individual who desires to maintain their healthy weight…to the person who has several hundred pounds to lose!

Group Programs

Guideline of Balanced Nutrition  Groups are Customized For:

  • Adult Weight Management
  • The Business Intensive -meets twice weekly for eight weeks
  • Adolescent & Teen Weight Management
  • Pre- & Post-Bariatric Surgery
  • Corporations