prevent heart diseaseTop 4 Steps to Reverse and Prevent Heart Disease

February is National Heart Month to raise awareness of heart disease. Awareness includes recognizing symptoms, prevention strategies, and the impact each of us can have. There are 4 keys to healthy living for all chronic diseases, but specifically to reverse or prevent heart disease. Often I hear people tell me that living a healthy lifestyle is so hard and challenging, yet I had a client this morning tell me, after his weigh in, “it’s really not hard”. Our perceptions often are our biggest challenges. When we think the payoff is worth the effort, the challenge vaporizes! Preventing heart disease relates to living an active life with energy, joy and fulfillment.

What are the top four steps to reverse or prevent heart disease?

  1. If you smoke – stop! Sounds easy but if you’re struggling seek help. I’ve yet to meet a smoker who didn’t want to stop. What personal benefit would you gain by giving up smoking? What dream vacation could you afford?
  2. Reduce stress – again, seek help if you’re struggling. Stress has been linked to much of the negative conditions in our bodies. Our bodies response to stress creates inflammation and then a cascading of events leading to high blood pressure, overweight, poor mental focus, irritability, anxiety, cancer, … Deepak Chopra has a 3 step approach: focus on one thing at a time, STOP (stop what you’re doing, take a breath, observe your body and smile, and proceed with kindness and compassion) and take 20 minutes for yourself. For more suggestions on reducing stress visit
  3. Choose meals that are plant based and colorful including small amounts of lean protein. Most people don’t eat the minimal 5 servings of fruits and vegetables, let alone the 7 – 9 servings recommended. Further, most Americans consume much more animal protein than recommended. A plant based plan is satisfying, healthy, affordable, and nutritious! Focus on what you get to add to your plan vs. the items that you need to have less of! And remember, there are colors other than green! Think of red for February.
  4. Put some form of physical activity in your every day plan. Move throughout the day and take time to purposefully exercise. You choose the activity you enjoy. Remember, when you become more conditioned, the exercise is much easier!

There’s much synergy in these 4 steps. Many people who exercise, choose healthier foods, don’t smoke and manage stress! Seems like activity is a big key to reversing and preventing heart disease.

February 7 is #WearRedDay to raise the awareness of heart disease in women- the number one killer of women. In fact, 1 in 3 women will develop heart disease, odds that aren’t so good. Learn more about what you can do to prevent heart disease at


Yoga transition plan:


Will be teaching at Breath Yoga and Quest Spa on Holcomb Bridge Road.

Ellen will also be teaching at Quest Spa on Holcomb Bridge Road.

Johns Creek Yoga’s offer:

We will definitely honor your student’s packages (excluding groupons)  through February, and I will also honor the longer ranging ones provided they are not students who already have packages with us.

Breathe Yoga’s offer:

1.  We will offer complimentary classes on unlimited Nutriwell packages ONLY thru February.  We will also honor those packages that have a finite Number of classes in Feb (tbd) left but only thru Feb and excluding groupons.

2. In order to take advantage of this offer they must purchase a New Student Special for $59, prior to Feb classes.This give us some assurance they will be practicing with us thru March and will have the best opportunity to re-acclimate here at Breathe. For clarity, the New Student Special  will automatically activate after they use up their class allotment in Feb and is good for any 8 classes over a 30 day period, that is half off our Drop in rate of $15.

Dana, Ellen, Liat, Vered, Terry:

They will not be able to honor outstanding sessions and unlimited packages

GREAT NEWS!!!!  We are so excited to continue to share the benefits of yoga with you at Karate USA.  We will start classes this Thursday at 9:30 am.  The address is 6955 McGinnis Ferry Road.  GPS isn’t always correct.  Here is a link to an interactive map.  On a weekly basis we will offer 10 classes ranging from Basics, All Levels and Yin/Restorative.  Our class schedule is as follows:  See attachment with the detailed schedule.

Monday 9:30, 12:00

Tuesday 8:30, 7:00pm

Wednesday 12:00

Thursday 9:30, 7:00 pm

Friday 12:00

Saturday 9:00

Sunday 10:00

You can join us at Karate USA for $69 Monthly Unlimited Yoga.  No commitments, just pay each month.  We have a Special Introductory Offer available to the first 25 people.  You can enjoy your first 30 days of unlimited yoga for only $59.  You must sign up by Monday, February 10th, to take advantage of this offer.  Please print and complete the attached FIT USA YOGA registration form and bring it and a check to your first yoga class.

Although not a traditional yoga studio, Karate USA has many wonderful benefits for our students.  The nice mats on the floor provide great cushion for the knees.  The wonderful wall space allows us to take you deeper into your yoga poses.  Of course you can pay and join other FIT USA or Karate USA classes too.  David, the owner, is very excited about welcoming yogis into The Karate USA family.

Please feel free to reply back to me if you know you want to take advantage of our Special Introductory Offer so I can reserve your spot.  Make sure you bring your yoga mat, blanket, strap and blocks with you to classes as we will have limited props in the beginning.

Please help us spread the word about FIT USA Yoga at Karate USA by bringing your friends to classes and forwarding this email to anyone you think may benefit from practicing yoga with us.  We can’t wait to see you Thursday morning at 9:30.  Dana will teach the Thursday morning class this week.