Holiday Temptations: Food Survival Tips

The season is in full swing and for many people holiday temptations bring challenges. With the average American gaining weight during the holiday season and holding on to 1- 3 pounds, developing  food survival strategies to combat holiday temptations is key.  NutriWell Coaching is your source for good nutrition in Johns Creek, not just weight loss. Join us for  on Thursday December 19 at 5:00 for Main Don’t Gain Recipe Makeover for healthy & tasty holiday cooking and baking, followed by yoga and meditation  to free your mind of the holiday stress.

The following tips will help you navigate holiday temptations.

Holiday temptations

  • Enjoy your meals! Slow down and savor every bite, take in the ambiance,  bask in the conversation and memories.
  • Remember that you are in control. Take moderate portions, plan, plan, and plan some more, and push your plate away  when satisfied (which comes before full).
  • Begin with a plan for the season.  Reflect on the “reason for the season” and on what provides you with the most joy at this time of year.  You will often find, the answer isn’t food!
  • Experiment with lower fat versions of your favorite recipes – you don’t have to tell!
  • Use fat free & low fat ingredients-applesauce, dried plum puree, ff yogurt, ff cottage cheese, ..all tasty additions to your favorite recipes to reduce calories.
  • Choose seasonings, spices, herbs, low-sodium bouillon and oil spray bottles for flavoring foods.
  • Use a fat-skimmer cup or freeze the juices in a shallow pan to remove the fat easily prior to making gravy.  You will save 56 grams of fat or 504 calories per cup!
  • Bring an “appropriate” choice to your holiday parties to ensure that you have a healthy option.
  • Make smaller cookies, pie and cake servings, and mini cupcakes.
  • Choose naturally colorful and flavorful foods.
  • Fill up on low to no calorie beverages such as club soda or sparkling water with a twist of lime, sugar free apple cider,  chilled water with slices of citrus and cranberries, peppermint tea, hot spiced tea, or sugar free/ low sugar cranberry juices.
  • Choose salads, fruits, and vegetables as appetizers.
  • A 3 ½ ounce serving of turkey breast with skin contains 7.3 gm saturated fat; while a 3 ½ ounce serving of turkey breast without skin contains 0.7 gm of saturated fat.
  • Use small plates.
  • Fill your plate with small servings of your favorites, wait 15 minutes before having seconds.
  • Share food gifts with neighbors, co-workers, homeless shelters, extended living centers for the elderly, food banks, fire stations, and police stations.
  • Freeze leftovers in single portion containers for a future date. Remember to date the container.
  • Invite friends for a potluck dinner featuring everyone’s leftovers.
  • Throw out tempting foods; it’s not wasteful if your health is a priority.
  • Eat your regularly scheduled meals and snacks to avoid being overly hungry which results in diminished resolve and over eating.
  • Stand in another room or on the opposite side of the room from buffet tables.
  • Hold your drink in your dominant hand.

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