Gratitude, Appreciation, Thankfulness

This will be a little different than my typical blog, however the new and improved blog will come out later this week!

Gratitude, thankfulness, gratefulness, or appreciation is a feeling or attitude in acknowledgment of a benefit that one has received or will receive. (

I want to express my deepest gratitude and appreciation for the support that you have shown NutriWell Coaching & Yoga these past few years. From the many responses I have received from so many of you, I believe that we have all benefited from the community that was created by all of us. Although the space is no longer ours, the community will continue forever. I am thankful that so many of you “got” the concept of living holistically, mindfully, and savoring the moments that bring joy. I know some of you are still working on this, as am I. My wish for all of you is that you continue your practice, continue seeking support-as needed- in your journey to living your best life. You have all impacted my life and my professional practice.

I will miss many classes and all of the teachers. I’d like to share some of the highlights in the growth of my yoga practice. mindful eating

  • All level and intermediate class with Azin
  • Yin fusion with Liat on Wednesday
  • Yoga & meditation with Vered on Thursday
  • Restorative class with Ellen on Friday
  • All level class focusing on core and back strength with Dana
  • Qi gong class with Shane
  • Weekend classes with Terry
  • Linda greeting all of you and being my right hand woman (although she will hopefully return to this role soon)
  • Colleen across the hall to collaborate with
  • And each of you, especially those of you who were regular enough for us to know which classes you attended and where your “spot” was.

Perhaps we’ll be practicing yoga together again. The following are the updates on transitions to a new location to practice yoga. If any of you discover another location, please be sure to leave a comment and share with the community.


Will be teaching at Breath Yoga and Quest Spa on Holcomb Bridge Road.

Dana, Ellen, Liat, Vered, Terry:

I believe they are still trying to work something out with the Karate Studio. They have stated that they will also honor outstanding sessions and unlimited packages, excluding groupons, if they do work out an arrangement.

Johns Creek Yoga’s offer:

We will definitely honor your student’s packages (excluding groupons)  through February, and I will also honor the longer ranging ones provided they are not students who already have packages with us.

Breathe Yoga’s offer:

1.  We will offer complimentary classes on unlimited Nutriwell packages ONLY thru February.  We will also honor those packages that have a finite Number of classes in Feb (tbd) left but only thru Feb and excluding groupons.

2. In order to take advantage of this offer they must purchase a New Student Special for $59, prior to Feb classes.This give us some assurance they will be practicing with us thru March and will have the best opportunity to re-acclimate here at Breathe. For clarity, the New Student Special  will automatically activate after they use up their class allotment in Feb and is good for any 8 classes over a 30 day period, that is half off our Drop in rate of $15.