Our Clients’ Testimonials

Back in early 2012, my husband purchased a Groupon for 20 yoga sessions at Nutriwell. I was grateful to him and looked forward to finding time to go. Months went by and I did not make time. Finally, in the Fall, I decided to try my first yoga class. WOW! From the first class, I was hooked. I tried one class after another from Basic Yoga to Qi Gong and I loved them all! Each of the instructors had their own style while remaining faithful to the basic tenants of yoga . . . breath deeply . . . breath . . . breath . . . yoga is not a competition . . . breath . . . listen to what your body is telling you . . . breath . . . be gentle with yourself . . . slow down . . . breath . . . love your body . . . thank yourself for taking care of the gift of your body today . . . open yourself to peace, kindness, gentleness, love . . . breath . . . remain mindful and in the present . . . breath . . . what are your intentions for this class - - in your life . . . draw your awareness to your breathe - - if your mind is active, acknowledge your thoughts and then let them go . . . do not judge your thoughts, yourself, your body, what it can and cannot do . . . rest into the stretch . . . breath. NutriWell has changed my life. I have lost 15 pounds since I began 9 months ago. My body is becoming tone, I feel great in my clothes. I have calmed down, slowed down, I enjoy life and my relationships more than ever. I even relate to food differently. The only way I can explain it is that yoga is fulfilling the needs I used to try to fill with food, caffeine, wine, TV, etc. Because I am honoring my body, mind and spirit in this way – this makes me want to eat, live, behave in healthy ways and to be around healthy people. Thank you to everyone at NutriWell! ...Michelle

Julie has led me down the path of wellness and changed my life. Not only is Julie a registered dietitian and wellness coach, she changes the way you look at food, exercise, weight loss in general, and how you feel about yourself. I learned so many wonderful things from Julie. Julie listens to your issues and concerns and guides you down the path to living a wonderful healthy life.

Shane's class has meant so much to me that I wanted to pass on a testimonial. Shane's Tai Chi Qi Gong class at Nutriwell has made a major impact in my life. I've taken different kinds of yoga and tai chi for decades, but this class is unique in that students are helped to become clear about their intentions. I was amazed to discover in myself the power to achieve my goals in important ways. The tai chi lifts my spirit and I'm sure opens up my inner self to its natural healing potential. The class is extraordinary! ...Patricia

Thank you for your constant support and for helping me get my old curves back!

I now view food and weight in a new light, your approach is different than anything I've done.

The yoga and pilates classes have really helped me desire to choose healthier foods.

I learned that I don't have to give up my favorite foods, or beverages to be successful.

Everyone will want to become a student of yoga here.

I love all of your instructors, they each make me feel special.

Thank you - it's been months since our last session, but I am ready to make some more changes and I'm active daily ... and I've lost 10 pounds!

Julie, your insights were so helpful.

I'm almost at the 200 pound loss and I couldn't have done it without you!

Julie helped me stay focused on my goals, not just the scale.