25 Fun Ways to Get Moving! Fun with physical activity.

Last week I challenged you to be physically active every day in honor of Exercise Is Medicine® month. What did you do this week? How much fun did you have being physically active?  Physical activity is often thought of as a chore, however doing chores is physical activity! Physical activity is fun, challenging and empowering. Physical activity is key to your goals of energy, balanced life, and health management. Physical activity used to be part of every day life, however with technology we often have to think about physical activity. How can you be active today? What fun activities will you be a part of, today?physical activity

  1. Take your dog for a walk; he or she also needs the exercise.  Your dog will remind you to walk daily.
  2. If you don’t have a dog, borrow a neighbor’s.
  3. Find a partner for a game of Frisbee. (How about the dog??!)
  4. Take up an active hobby.
  5. Enroll in a folk dance class.
  6. Put some music on the stereo and dance.  No partner needed!
  7. Take the baby for a stroll>you can borrow grandkids or neighbors kids too!
  8. Make a dare to do something active with a friend.
  9. Set your alarm to remind you to take a two-minute walk.
  10. Plan some errands that require walking for your lunch hour.
  11. Enroll in a folk dance class.
  12. Sweep your sidewalk and patio.
  13. Walk a few blocks to visit a friend.
  14. Volunteer to take the scouts camping.
  15. Help lead a nursery field trip to the zoo.
  16. Walk and talk with your child or spouse.
  17. Play hopscotch with neighborhood kids.
  18. Ride a bike.
  19. Limit your television watching by 10% and substitute this time with some physical activity.
  20. Join a walking or running club.
  21. Hula Hoop!
  22. Go roller skating.
  23. Play a sport.
  24. Jump on the trampoline.
  25. Enroll in a line dance class.

Think about practicing yoga daily for physical activity and so much more.