Weight Loss Tips For 2013

Weight Loss Tips For 2013 To Lose 10 pounds

Weight loss tips are always popular, but it’s the beginning of a new year and the time for more people to resolve to achieve weight loss, exercise more, and eat healthy, quit smoking. So where do you begin?  Weight loss tips #1, first define your goal, the motivation behind the goal (why this goal?), and obstacles you may encounter with resolutions. If you don’t have a clear goal, how will you know if you’re successful or not? Weight loss goals are nice, but dig deeper- why do you want to lose weight? Focus on the why and not the number on the scale for optimal success. Second, set SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Action-based, Realistic, and on a specific Time-frame).  Have one or two long-term (6 months or more) goals, 3-5 three month goals, and 3-5 weekly goals.  Setting your long-term goal helps guide short-term goals.  With clearly defined, measurable and action-based goals, you are ready to stroll down the path to healthy living.

Easy Weight Loss Tips:

Weight loss tips #2, if you eat 100 fewer calories each day, over the course of one year, you will lose 10 pounds!  One way cut calories is to choose more nutrient dense foods, i.e. foods that have a lot of benefits for your body.  Comparing foods by how much they weigh gives an idea about calorie density.  When you add white flour, sugar, and refined oils to foods, the calorie density goes up. Calorie-dense foods usually have high fat and /or sugar content and contain little water or fiber. Weight loss tips #3, eat these foods sparingly, i.e. rarely if at all.

Nutrient-dense foods, on the other hand, have higher fiber content, more water or moisture, and for the same volume have much less calories. Weight loss tips #4, eat more of these foods at every meal. Examples of nutrient-dense foods are fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole grains, lean protein, and nonfat dairy products.  To emphasize this point, note the calories per pound in the following foods.

crusted-salmonWeight loss tips #5, 
armed with knowledge you can make choices to save calories!  Examples of 100 calorie savings are:

Nutrient-Dense Foods Calories per pound Calorie-Dense Foods                 Calories per pound
Lettuce                            77    Ice Cream       1,283
Non starchy veggie’s  95-195    French Fries    1,400
Skim Milk                       158    Pretzels          1,700
Fruits                       135-425    Baked Chips   1,760
Light yogurt                    240    Doughnut        1,800
Oatmeal                         242    Croissant        1,800
Brown rice                      488    Brownies         2,000
Potatoes, yams              494    Snickers         2,163
Roasted Chicken breast  748    Crackers         2,268
Baked, Salmon               933    Potato chips    2,450
  • Use fat-free salad dressing instead of regular dressing
  • Switch from regular soda or sweet tea to unsweetened
  • Eat a salad or cup of vegetables at a meal instead of the roll
  • Omit the cheese on salads and sandwiches
  • Choose mustard instead of mayo
  • Choose veggies instead of meats on pizza (and order a salad or veggies instead of an extra slice)
  • Choose marinara instead of Alfredo sauces
  • Choose butter/margarine OR sour cream
  • Choose a snack size candy bar instead of the full size
  • Choose toasted English muffin instead of a muffin
  • Leave several bites on your plate at each meal

These 100 calorie savings won’t be missed, except on the scale!