Guideline of Balanced Nutrition

Guideline of Balanced Nutrition


Never go on and off of a “diet” again!

Our Coaching Weigh™ approach has empowered thousands to reach and maintain their desired weight loss goals!

Welcome to Guideline of Balanced Nutrition!

  • We are your partner in realizing your fitness and health goals.
  • We employ a holistic approach to help you lose weight, and feel and look well.
  • Guideline of Balanced Nutrition believes your state of health and wellness is a result of what you eat, what you do, and how you manage stress.
  • This is why we offer a comprehensive service designed to give you a whole new approach on staying healthy, inside and out.

You Never Have to Go On and Off of a “Diet” Again!

Our Coaching Weigh™ approach has empowered thousands to reach and maintain their desired weight loss goals!


Non-Diet Program

Be like the thousands who succeeded; try our non-diet program, which is designed to efficiently manage weight and health throughout the life cycle. We have counselors to help you make the best life choices.Through our program, you will learn how to build positive support systems to sustain your weight loss and management efforts.

Eating Options

Guideline of Balanced Nutrition also offers a unique weight loss approach based on different healthy eating options.
This program presents options depending on your fitness goals, taste preference, and lifestyle.


We also deliver personalized plans if you want a program specifically designed to your unique health needs and objectives. Our professional consultants and trainers will help you improve every aspect of your health to facilitate successful weight loss.
We will help you have good control of your calorie intake and determine the ideal exercise plan.

Group Programs

Guideline of Balanced Nutrition also provides group programs should you prefer to join other people with the same goals as yours.
We offer the program for groups of adults, adolescents & teens, as well as for employees of a corporation.

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